Pentathlon Series 2019

NZGSA are excited to announce the introduction of the NZGSA Pentathlon Series for 2019!

The Pentathlon is an event introduced by Valery Fedorenko to provide a general purpose strength and conditioning test using only kettlebells. The event consists of five different lifts perform for six minutes each, with a five minute rest period between lifts. Each lift is perform with a single kettlebell and multiple hand switches are allowed but you may not set the bell down. This makes the Pentathlon an excellent event for those just getting into kettlebell lifting as well as a tough conditioning test for the more experienced lifters.

The Pentathlon consists of the Clean, Clean and Press, Jerk, Half Snatch and Push Press. In Fedorenko's original event the lifts are performed in that order. For the 2019 Pentathlon Series NZGSA have rearranged the lifts to: Clean and Press, Half Snatch, Push Press, Clean, Jerk. The change of order accomplishes three things: It centres the event around the three pressing lifts (from strict to ballistic), it allows you to lift more (always important!), and it is easier on your shoulders.

Scoring is simple. You are allocated one point per rep, per 8kg lifted. Eg 8kg x 100 reps = 100 points. 16kg x 100 reps = 200 points. 20kg x 58 reps = 145 points. Your total score is the sum of the five lifts. You may select any weight kettlebell and you may use a different weight for each event, you may not change weight part way through a set. To ensure correct execution of lifts there is an allocated maximum repetitions for each lift:

Clean and Press = 60 reps

Half Snatch = 108 reps

Push Press = 120 reps

Clean - 120 reps

Jerk = 120 reps

The judge will be watching for proper fixation during your set, but if you complete the maximum reps in less than the allotted six minutes you may get a little extra rest, however you have also selected a kettlebell that is too light and left potential points on the platform. The Pentathlon is a tactical event.

The Pentathlon Series is competed for over five events across the course of the year. You may enter as many events as you wish. The winner is the athlete who accumulates the most points across the entire series. There are no weight categories. Pentathlon Series 2019:

19th January - Pentathlon Series Round 1 - Kettlebell Academy, Auckland

9th March - Pentathlon Series Round 2 - The Fitness Studio, 33 Carnarvon St, Christchurch

11th May - Pentathlon Series Round 3 - Kohatu Fit, Kaitaia

21st September - Pentathlon Series Round 4 - KatiFit, Katikati

16th November - Pentathlon Series Final - Physical Culture, Nelson

Entry fee for each round of the series is $10 for members or $20 for non-members. Entry for round 3 closes 10th May!



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