North Island Championship 2018

Saturday 16th June 2018

Crossfit HPU, Les Mills


Crossfit HPU will host the North Island Champs for the first time this year. HPU is situated within Les Mills Auckland on Victoria St West. One of the premier Crossfit gyms in the country, we are excited to bring Kettlebell Sport to new places in 2018!

North Island Champs this year will include the traditional Kettlebell Sport events and a selection of 5 min event options for those first time lifters. Important note, the 5 min events are for first time competitors only, but that does not limit first timers to the 5 min events, you may enter any event you wish. We will be limiting the 5 min events to one weight category and the winners will be determined using the NZGSA points system which you can find here.

Registration opens from Monday 5th March 2018 and will close midnight Saturday 2nd June. Entry fee for this event is $20 for NZGSA (and GSAA) members, $40 for non members, or if you are a first time competitor from an associated club talk to your coach for a special deal! You will receive payment details once your registration has been received.