North and South Island Championships 2019

The NZGSA North and South Island Championships are now open for registration!
We want to say a huge thank you to our host gyms, Shane Cameron Fitness and The Body Consultants. These guys have hosted the 2018 Nationals and the 2019 Canterbury Open respectively and we are looking forward to their hospitality again in June. Once again we couldn’t do this without our very special sponsors, Equipfit!
These events feature the traditional 10 min events of Biathlon and Long Cycle, as well as the other events in the upcoming IUKL World Championship, Jerk, Snatch, One Arm Jerk and One Arm Long Cycle. As always, we’ll also have 5 min options for the beginner lifters or those looking to make the first step up to a new weight, One Arm Long Cycle or Snatch.
South Island Championship
1st June 2019
Weigh in 9am
Lifting 11am
North Island Championship
8th June 2019
Weigh in 9am
Lifting 11am
Entry fees are $20 for NZGSA members (become a member here) or $40 for non-members. Payment details will be emailed with your booking confirmation. You may enter multiple events for a single entry fee.
Registration is now CLOSED.