Our Mission



From the best

Always strive to improve


With humility

With passion

With soul


The art form

Show the true Spirit

And Meaning of the Girevik

It is the purpose of NZGSA to:

Promote Girevoy Sport in New Zealand

Host and support Regional and National competitions

Support and promote members to participate in international competitions

Do anything necessary or helpful to the above causes

Learn, Teach, Evolve, Kettle

Our Vision

Club Level

Girevoy Sport is the working man’s sport. It requires a high level of work capacity, mental toughness and strength in many forms. It requires very minimal equipment. Anyone from adolescents to retirees compete internationally. As such we need to build GS from the grassroots level. From the people for the people.

NZGSA is dedicated to helping build this sport from the club level. From very humble beginnings we can build NZ into a force in the GS community. We encourage all coaches to form clubs or training groups of their own, run their own competitions and slowly build athletes. You might only start with yourself and your mate, but it will grow.

Regional Level

The next level of sport development and competition is regional. In NZ this amounts to North and South Island. It is our goal to run a North and South Island regional competition annually. This would be an open competition, anyone can, and should, enter. The club comps serve to develop athletes and encourage beginner participation, the regionals provide a platform for you to test your mettle against the best in your half of the country.

National Level

The nationals is where this gets real. You’ll compete against the best in the country. You’ll learn from the best in the country. Nationals will be qualification for international competitions, NZ will put its best foot forward. At the early stages qualification for nationals will not be required. Due to the cost of domestic travel and the relatively small number of lifters we accept that not all athletes will be able to lift at regionals to qualify. We do however encourage participation in as many meets as possible, it is the only way to grow our sport.


NZGSA membership is open to all New Zealand gireviks, Kiwis living overseas, or clubs/gyms who want to support the growth of the sport in New Zealand. Membership is not required to compete at NZGSA competitions, although significantly discounted entry fees are available for members, but current membership is required to represent NZGSA internationally. Memberships are renewable annually on the 1st September after the National Championship

Individual Membership – $40

  • Discounted competition entry fees
  • Member rates on sponsors product (Equipfit kettlebells)

Family Membership – $80

  • As above plus:
  • Full membership to unlimited family members living under the same roof

Club Membership – $80

Club membership is available to all kettlebell clubs, gyms, fitness clubs, personal trainers etc who support the growth of GS in NZ or wish to host competitions under the NZGSA banner.

  • Three complimentary NZGSA judge courses for you and your staff
  • Discounted entry for your members when entering their first competition
  • NZGSA “Affiliated Club” banner to proudly display your affiliation at your gym
  • Support from NZGSA to organise and run competitions (together we grow the sport)
  • Listing on NZGSA website with your club logo and link to your website or Facebook page
  • Acknowledgement and promotion of your club/club events on NZGSA social media
  • NZGSA member rates on sponsors product (Equipfit kettlebells for your gym!)

Note that club membership is for the club only, individual members require an individual membership.

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